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Running a business and being a mom – it’s a piece of cake!

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As some of you may know, I recently had a baby girl in March of this year… Her name is Aria, and she has been the most perfect little baby any new mom could ask for! I have been running my business – The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup, (with the help of The Studio Beauty Team) and have been taking any clients who have been requesting me since April this year. I have been doing makeup, waxing, tinting and having a presence at The Studio about 5 days a week, taking weekends off (usually). Aria has also been coming into the salon, and has been quite the popular little girl! We have had a lot of generous clients too, gifting Aria beautiful hand made blankets, and boutique-bought onesies… we are so grateful to be so loved!

Now, I’m in the middle of planning my OWN wedding… set out to happen on June 6th, 2014 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. So many exciting things on the go right now… choosing my dress, my makeup/hair style, my bridesmaids dresses, my bouquet and all that fun stuff! Pinterest has been great for inspiration and building my pin boards for wedding planning!

If you’d like to book in with me for your own wedding makeup or waxing appointments, I will always make time for new and past clients… so please call The Studio at 604.764.6452 or email us at Looking forward to working with you!


Our Wedding hair and makeup featured in a New York magazine!

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We always love when our bridal work gets featured in other reputable blogs and magazines, especially when they go national! We were just informed that a wedding we recently did hair and makeup for was featured in a New York magazine called Style Sweets. MikaDoesMakeup was credited for the work, although it was actually a collective effort by The Studio Beauty Team – that day we had Kym on bridesmaids makeup, Mika on bridal makeup, and Faye on bridesmaids and bridal hair. The bridal makeup and hair was done at The Edge Water Casino Hotel in Richmond, British Columbia.

Here are some of the gorgeous photographs (taken by The Apartment Photography team) from Denise and Noel’s beautiful wedding day!

Makeup by MikaDoesMakeup, Hair by Faye from The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup

Makeup by MikaDoesMakeup, Hair by Faye from The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup

Bridesmaids hair and makeup by Faye and Kym, Bridal makeup by Mika, Bridal hair by Faye

Bridesmaids hair and makeup by Faye and Kym, Bridal makeup by Mika, Bridal hair by Faye

Bridal hair by Faye, Bridal makeup by Mika, Bridesmaids makeup by Kym, Bridesmaids hair by Faye

Bridal hair by Faye, Bridal makeup by Mika, Bridesmaids makeup by Kym, Bridesmaids hair by Faye

Judging for the Fantasy Makeup Competition at The Asian Expo – BC Place

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Asian Expo - sponsored by The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup

The Asian Expo - sponsored by The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup

It was an honour to be asked to participate in judging the Makeup Competition at The Asian Expo – located at the massive BC Place this year. I was on a panel of 6 judges, all with many years of experience in the makeup industry… some with special effects backgrounds, others with TV and film, and a couple entrepreneurs with their own schools/companies!

On the first judging day, we had a total of 12 competitors all having to do a hair and makeup in 2 hours surrounding the Asian Culture theme. There were a few that really stood out this day, and they were the ones to make it through to the next round. The second and final judging day, there were 6 artists left. This time they had 4 hours to do a complete head to toe look, with hair and makeup under the same Asian inspired theme. I had 2 favourites that really showed the use of covering the entire body with makeup as well as being the most creative… Unfortunately, neither of those 2 took first place!

My favourites…

The first model (in the pictures below):

Painted all red with black forearms and shins with lots of details in the back side with Kanji characters that were spot on! The hair was great with Asian accessories and a full face makeup.

The fifth model:

Painted red, gold and black all over with intricate detail in the front with random pearls placed all over… the detail was a little lacking in the back but still a gorgeous complete look! The hair was nicely put together with a very creative spin on hair accessories with some painted Chinese takeout boxes… the model was holding a beautiful white Asian umbrella too which really pulled the look together. Her face makeup was gorgeous as well.

The winner was the sixth model:

This was a very beautiful and colourful look, with a Korean inspiration… the reasons why I didn’t put too much interest in this whole look was because it was very similar to this artists look the day before… the hair was covered up with the headpiece, so I didn’t see much creativity there. And although the full skirt was very beautiful, we didn’t get to see the creativity past the waist with makeup… All in all, the model looked gorgeous and the makeup artist  had a great story and reasoning behind her entire look.  Congratulations to the winner!

Makeup Competition Models for The Asian Expo

Makeup Competition Models for The Asian Expo (1st and 5th were my favourite!)

Back View - Makeup Competition Models for The Asian Expo

Back View - Makeup Competition Models for The Asian Expo

The Makeup Judges on panel at The Asian Expo

The Makeup Judges on panel at The Asian Expo

The winning look of The Asian Expo Makeup competition

The winning look of The Asian Expo Makeup competition

Love is right around the corner – Valentine’s Day 2013

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What do you get your beloved girlfriend, best friend, partner, wife or mother for Valentine’s day this year? Well, here are a couple things that might give you some ideas or thoughts! And remember, even if she says she doesn’t want/need anything, there is always something you can get her to show her you appreciate her.

Here are my top 7 gifts for Valentine’s Day!

  1. the ever-so-easy, but oh-so-traditional ($29+) – Bouquet of Flowers (
  2. a beauty make-over or makeup lesson ($70 – $115) – makeup by MikaDoesMakeup
  3. funky gel polish manicure ($45+) – The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup 
  4. a gift card to a FAB beauty salon for some much needed pampering (in any denomination) – The Studio by MikaDoesMakeup
  5. a piece of fine jewelry to show her you love her every-single-day ($165)- Love ring from Tiffany & Co.
  6. stuck for cash and time? chocolates will do the trick ($3.50 for 2 pieces) – Mink Chocolates
  7. good old lingerie ($39+) – Victoria’s Secret

Happy Valentine’s Day!

WBFF Fitness Model Photoshoot in Vancouver

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Miss Dee is a WBFF competitor based out of Vancouver who trains with TotalBody Advantage. When she showed up at our photoshoot, she clearly looked like she was in top shape. She had a banana with her and couldn’t drink any water as it would make her bloated. We started right away so she didn’t have to lose any energy!

Faye Smith started Dee’s first look with really simple and natural waves, while I applied a natural and light makeup. Dee went out to shoot in her teeny tiny workout outfit in the gym with photographer Tyler Chandler, then came back for a hair and makeup look change to match her new outfit pick. Faye and I stepped up Dee’s look with more curls, and more makeup without making her look too done up.

Check out Dee’s finished photos by Tyler Chandler! So fit and trim, congrats to her for being so obedient with her workout/diet plan!

Our Team: Model Dee, Makeup by MikaDoesMakeup, Hair by Faye Smith, Photography by Tyler Chandler

Makeup by MikaDoesMakeup, Hair by Faye Smith

Model Dee, Makeup by Mika, Hair by Faye, Photo by Tyler Chandler

Fitness model Dee in the sauna

Fitness model Dee in the sauna, Makeup by Mika, Hair by Faye


Fitness competitor Dee, Makeup by Mika, Hair by Faye, Photo by Tyler Chandler

Fitness competitor Dee, Makeup by Mika, Hair by Faye, Photo by Tyler Chandler

How to comfort the Pregnant Woman

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Most of my friends and all of my family know this by now – I’m pregnant. I’m due mid – March and getting bigger by the day! I have done all the “new mom” things and read practically every book on pregnancy there is… Since I’m in my 30th week, I have been getting more and more uncomfortable as the days go by. This is where I have learned some of the tricks to make the pregnancy go by a little more smoothly.

  1. Using a body pillow helps a lot! If you don’t want to invest in one, just gather a few pillows to act as a body pillow. And remember to sleep on your left side as it may benefit your baby by improving blood flow – and therefore nutrients – to the placenta.
  2. Wear flat shoes! I’ve gone out to parties over the holidays in high heels and by 10pm my feet were done! It’s also not good to put your baby at risk if you happen to fall or trip.
  3. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage. Luckily, I got a gift card for one on my birthday and I can’t wait to book the appointment!
  4. Use a heating pad. My mother-in-law let me borrow hers and it works great to ease my lower back aches, not to mention – it keeps me warm paired up with my Snuggie!
  5. Acupressure. I hear it works to cure nausea (my pregnant girlfriend had acupressure done and it cured her from it!) Acupressure bands also help.
  6. Rub Cocoa butter on your tummy, chest, hips and back to prevent stretch marks… you can also use Coconut oil (I got a cold pressed tub from Costco). A lot of friends also say Bio Oil is good.
  7. Yoga! Pregnancy yoga helps with breathing and will aid the labour pains… (apparently!)

Although nothing can REALLY help a pregnant girl actually feel more comfortable, most of these will “help” out. It gets tough near the end I’m told and I’m embracing these tips to get me through.

Good luck to all my pregnant friends, it’s all worth it in the end!